5 Marla house Plans

5 Marla House Plans

“Marla” is a traditional unit of area that was used in Pakistan, India,and Bangladesh. The marla was standardized under British rule to be equal to the square rod, or 272.25 square feet, 30.25 square yards, or 25.2929 square metres. As such, it was exactly one 160th of an acre. Read More Here

In Rural Areas of Pakistan like villages 1 Marla = 272 square feet whereas in urban areas it is 225 Square feet.

Following are some 5 Marla Plans including first floor and second floor. These are for you to have an idea about the kind of plan you want to make or choose any plan like these for your own house or for someone else. These 5 Marla house plans help viewers to choose from a variety of different house plans in order to make a perfect house for themselves. We keep adding more plans with time. so keep visiting this website.

New 5 Marla House Plan in DHA
New 5 marla house plan in DHA

New 5 Marla House Plan with 3D Views

New 5 Marla House Plan with 3D Views

5 Marla House Design with dual garage

5 Marla House Design

New 5 Marla House Ground, First Floor and Front Elevation


5 Marla House Ground and First Floor

5 Marla House Design

4.25 Marla House Design

4.25 Marla House Design

21.5′ x 45.5′ House Design with plan and 3D


Single storey 5 marla (Click on the image for a larger view)

5 Marla House Plans

Double Storey 5 marla (Click on the image for a larger view)

Design B Final

Single Storey 5 Marla (Click on the image for a larger view)

Design C Final

Double Storey 5 Marla (Click on the image for a larger view)

5 marla Design D Final

Single Storey 5 Marla (Click on the image for a larger view)
5 marla Design E Final

Double Storey 5 Marla (Click on the image for a larger view)5 marla Design F Final

5 Marla House with Ground floor and first floor (Click on the image for a larger view)5 marla 01

5 Marla House with Ground floor and first floor (Click on the image for a larger view)5 marla 02

5 Marla House with Ground floor and first floor (Click on the image for a larger view)5 marla 03

5 Marla Executive with Ground floor and first floor (Click on the image for a larger view)

5 Marla Luxury with Ground floor and first floor (Click on the image for a larger view)5-Marla-Luxury-P

5 Marla House with Ground floor and first floor (Click on the image for a larger view)5-Marla-Plan

5 Marla Ground Floor Plan


Lahore - Wocland Villas - 5 Marla - 02


Also See 5 Marla Front Views

383 Replies to “5 Marla house Plans”

  1. Sir,
    I need 5 Marla Double story Plan in Faisalabad, please let me know your office detail for further discussion.

    Sohail Ahmed.

  2. Mr. Ubaid, A-o-A: I live in USA, but have 5 M plot in Johar Town Lahore its back 22-6, front 26′ x 54′ a little crooked want to construct a double storey house with independent stairs. Your 5 M design Al-Harmain 1of 27×50 is quite close to what I need but mine is not square; is short in widths (back & front).
    Can you advise something better please.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I want the map and design front view of home desing for 10 marla plot my plot front is 38 and lenght is 63 please make desing for me


  4. I have 5 marla plot rawalpindi. measurement is 25×50. i want to construct double story house. Mounty cum room on third story. send me a map having 2 x bedroom with attach baths, kitchen, drawing, car porch, laundry on ground floor and 2 x bedrooms with attach baths, drawing, TV lounge, laundry on first floor

  5. Salam

    I’ve a plot of 5 marla, front 28 feet, length 48 feet, I want a map for 2 stories, kindly let me know how much shall it cost me.

  6. Kindly send me some floor plans for 5 marlas measuring 25 x 45, my preference is no bed on ground floor, 3 bedrooms first floor.

  7. dear sir,
    i have plot area 5 Marla front 26.5 ft length 54 ft both side close just open front main street.can you make sketch plane house double story.

  8. I have purchased a plor of 5 marla with a front of 25 ft x width of 45 ft. Please give me map, as I want double story with parking for 2 scooters.

  9. Dear Sir
    I have plot 5 marla front 35 feet and width 42 feet.
    Drawing Room
    TV Lounge / Dinning
    and Outside way to First Floor
    Please provide me Double Story House Map.

    Thanks Regard
    Sajjad Ahmed

  10. I have a six marla plot. size is front & rear r 42 feet long and width is 34 feet. plz. send me double story house plan.

  11. dear sir,

    muja ek map chawa
    mara plot ka size ha 24′ width and legth 57′
    double story
    muja ground ma 2 bed room or 1 drawing room
    same 1st story

  12. I have a plot which has this measurment 60’2 ft lenght and 24’6 width . Please sir give me the best design. For house in this plott. Well ventilaed and good latest deaign design

  13. Aslam o alaikum.
    Sir I have plot of 43f width & 65f depth. I want to make two houses. I need best design for those. My plot 3 side (back, right, left) are covered by people houses. Ony front 43f is road.

  14. I need some plan for my house measuring 22*60 consist of two beds drawing kitchen with separate stairs and entrance for upper portion

  15. Dear sir,
    I have a plot of 8 marla’s. The length is 110 F and width is 26 F. Please plot them how I make my home with double bed, bath, kitchen, lounge etc.

    T hank’s!

  16. Dear Sir

    I Have A Plot 18 meter X 18Meter
    i want to make my Own House .
    I am Looking For Luxery Design 2 Story
    how Much Cost for this area.
    You Are Contractor For Civil Works Or Only Designers?
    How Much Cost For Complete Design Included Electrical,Pluming ,Ac Ducting Drawing

  17. AOA what’s ur chagrs to build a new mape I mean per sqft or per marlaa. Actually I have a 5 marla creeked plot and want to make a mape 3 bedroom with 2 rooms attach bath and one TV loung one luggage store and one drawing room with attach bath’ kitchen only single soo what is the approx cost of mape

  18. How much you charge for a 5 marla 25×45 house map?
    Ground floor:
    1 large bed room (with dressing & attach bath)
    1 large kitchen
    1 porch for toyota
    1 living tv room
    Laundry (back)
    Open Sky (door from bathroom)

    1st Floor:
    2 large bedroom (with attach baths & dressing)
    1 exercise room
    1 study room
    (No Kitchen)


  19. Dear Sir
    I have plot 5 marla front 29 feet and length 46.5 feet.
    Drawing Room
    TV Lounge / Dinning
    and Outside way to First Floor
    Please provide me Double Story House Map.
    Please & map cost .

    Thanks Regard

  20. I Have 5 Marla Plot 25 * 45
    i want to make my Own House .
    I am Looking For Luxury Design 2 Story
    how Much Cost for this area Including Electrical,Pluming ,Ac Ducting Drawing and complete 3D Map Plan .

    Ground Floor & 1st Floor : Two Bedrooms
    Porch for Tyota

  21. I want to built a double story house on 7.5 marla corner plot having dimension 33.9*50 feet.
    Plz sand me a map for this.

  22. i have two plots of 5 marlas……… one 30 x 44 and other 25 x 60. i need two bed rooms plan. would you like to guide me?

  23. Aslamoalikum!
    sir i have 5 marla corner plot. i need map.
    size 38.6 X 30
    ground floor
    1 bedroom attach bath
    tv loung and dinning
    car porch
    bathroom under stairs.
    1st floor
    2 bedroom with bath
    1 store

  24. I want to built a house on plot having dimension with 27×50, street 20ft. As i live in Multan house must be ventilated and wants that stair from outside…plan required…alongwith cost estimation.
    I shall be very grateful.

  25. my request for the map 5 marla karnal palate backe 24 fote frant 28 sekand 48 fote tard side 49 /3 shoops and 3 rooms garage gawe me map

  26. Sir, I want Residencial building Drawing of Two storeys of Size 46 feet by 42 feet. Site Plan, Elevation and Structual Drawing. in brick masonary.

  27. sir I need 5 Marla double storey house design
    size front 25.9feet and back 55feet
    ground flour 2bedroom attech bath kitchen tv lounge drawing room attech bath car porch lawn and laundary
    stairs for 1st flour from car porch …. 1st flour 2bedroom attech bath kitchen
    tv lounge drwing room attch bath and terrace for 2familys

  28. aoa sir g merey pas 25&50 feet ka corner plot ha kya ap mujey desgin bana k de sakte hn double story ka map chaye car porch b sath mn ho

  29. I want to built a house on plot 6.5 marla

    1 want to built a house on L shape front 22′ and back 37.5
    long 60′

  30. i need map for 30 * 39 totally covered area no need porch no need green belt stair case required

  31. Sir mj 6 marla mn hme bnana h ap plz.map bna k send kr dain plot ke tool aur arz.36*46 hy corner ka plot hy

  32. Respected Sir,
    I want to construct plat 33 feet width and 42 feet length. pleas provide me drawing 2 bed room , 1 drawing room , kitchen and bath .

  33. I need map for 5 Marla 3 bedrooms 1 kitchen 1 bathroom.for second floor 2 rooms 1 bath room.plz help by sending map in normal range

  34. Sir i want 05 marla map width 22.5 and length is 49 please send me pdf file on my e-mail id
    I want 2 bed rooms kitchen Tv lounch drawing room and geerage
    thanks & regards

  35. hi please help me i want to make my home my plot size is 24’x69′
    i want garden in front with open car porch
    3 rooms
    1 drawing room
    3 baths
    1 wash room
    1 kitchen
    my home is cover from all sides only front is open please also make air system for home

  36. Aoa . here is Shahid . I am in need of your help. I have 6 marla plot with 26 ft front and almost 72 ft length. Kindly send me some good maps with stairs outside. I shall b very thankful to you .

  37. I want to built a house on plot having dimension with 25.8 front and 47.5 Depth…want fully covered and wants that stair from outside…plan required…

  38. Required 5 marla Drawing size 30*45
    Front: Gate, Drawing room & shop
    Bedroom. 2

  39. Dear sir
    I need map/dimensions with complete information of 5 merla house.
    33*35 covered without garage .
    My e-mail
    zahid. Pepsi@gmail. Com

  40. I WANT A HOUSE MAP FOR PLOT 51.5 Front AND 31 Depth ,
    (HAVING 12 FEET STREET) Plz send nice one independent maps . Really Thanks!

  41. salam….!
    sir mujhy 5 marly kaw makan kaw naqsaw chahyeeee….
    26 front hai or leangth 40 feet hai…
    2 bath aik kitchen aik garage aik tv lounge 2 bed room aik bethak chahyeee…..
    please replay main as fast as you can…

  42. aoa sir .. mery plot ki measurmnt 30*35 hy 35 front 30 side hy jo 11 ft gali ki trf hy . jb k 35 ft SNGL ki trf hy ..me front gas line ki trf rakhna chata hoo so pl moje es plot ki division ker de . jis me 2 bed , 2 bath kitcn ,, loung , drawing room porch ….ho …so thx ..

  43. Respected Sir,
    mera plot (35*40 =1400sq.ft) ka hai corner par hai main street ka front 35′ hai
    2 bedroom, 1 drawing room, or sab k sath atteched bath 1kitchen, tv lunch, stair tv lunch main ho
    waetr pump ki jaga b q k sab se pehle water pump lgy ga

  44. 34.5” front Ha or 35 Side se Ha gali 7 foot ke Ha
    Mujha ak bathik 2 bedroom 2 washroom ak TV Hall ak stor or kichen chyia

  45. i want to built 4 marla house but already finish base tell me how much i need money anybody can tell me about constraction

  46. Sir I have 5 marlas with 26″ width and 52″ length. Help me for House plan with 2 bed rooms, 1 store, 1 kichen, 3 baths, 1 drawing room.
    Store ek chota room chahye or seerhi tv lounch me ho

  47. i have a 5.22 marla plot having dimensions 30 x 47 and want to build a double story house
    suggest me better house map including
    car porch
    drawing room with attach bath
    5 bed rooms with attach bath
    2 kitchens
    TV lounge
    a basement

  48. I have plot of size: 28×56 ft, on back side there is also 14ft road straght from 28ft, pls send me the the ground floor and 1st floor plan

  49. Plz send few design maps n pics of car washing service station on 30×30 ft com plot with hard and soft structure

  50. i have 6 marla plot.26×52 plz send me the map of 2 bedroom,1store,1kitchen,bathroom,lobby drawing room,bt mere pass widow ac hai or bedroom me kha lgaya jaye plz tell me

  51. I want a double storey detailed plan for my house..my plot z 25×54.. i want a good hoise with garage..plz help

  52. I have 5.0 marlas.
    Width 31.8″ length 42.9″
    Plz help me for house plan with air ventilation.
    Front road side is south.

  53. I need a double story plan for my house, plot having width 25 ft, depth 32 ft.
    covered, separate entrance for drawing & living room at ground floor. need your help

  54. i have a 5 marla plot having dimensions 50.4 F and B x 26.6 R and L want
    car porch
    drawing room with attach bath
    2bed rooms with 1 attach bath
    TV lounge

  55. Sir,
    I have purchased a corner plot of 5 marla with a front of 34 ft x width of 40 ft. Please give me map, as I want single story also with parking of a car.

  56. I need 5 marls as per below:
    Size 25X45
    Space Left : front 5 feet, side 3 feet, back 3 feet
    3 X rooms with attached baths, kitchen etc

  57. I need plan for 27.6×55 which must include 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 drawing, 2 attached baths, lounge, porch and opening at back for laundry.
    Looking for kind response.

  58. AOA
    I need a map of following condition
    1200 Sqft covered area
    3 bed rooms,1 kitchen,1 drawing room,1 lounge
    I can afford 12-15 lacs
    Plz help me out
    plot size 45×60 (in ft)

  59. I will construct the house 5 Marla
    I need map of house pl send me the address to contact you my mobile no is

  60. i want to build a house in Arifwala city width 40.9 and length is 33.5. i want to construct 3 bedrooms, 1 drawing room with attach bathroom ,kitchen,tv lounge,.plz plz plz plz help to construct that house..plz provide me such a map.i shall be very thankful to you for this favour for it…………

  61. I need a house map of 27*50 feet.. Having 2 bed rooms, a drawing room, car porch and 2 rear bath rooms attatched with rooms. Kindly anyone having it send me

  62. Hi sir Gd mrng
    need a house map of 19×45 feet.. Having 2 bed rooms, one kitchen,
    Hall , attached bathrooms,
    Please send. Me

  63. i need a 5 marla house plan with full basement
    Dimensions 25ft x 50ft
    i want full basement and ground floor with car porch
    kindly reply at

  64. Assalam o Alaikum sir,
    Sir we currently making a shop market.The total area is about 10 marla.Sir we want to built separate house of 5,5 marls on that market.The 5 marla plot having 59 feet lenght and 34 feet width.so boht having same area.Please give me a Beautiful design of 2 to 3 rooms house.

  65. I need a maps for double story 7.5marla plot 42X48 west plan..
    3 bed rooms ,kitchen ,toilets etc and 1 tv lounge and 1 drwaing room.
    How can I pay u?

  66. Dear Engineers,

    Refer to my previous email earlier
    I need a house plan (double storied-independent), Plot size 25×50,

    Requirements for the ground floor:

    3 bedrooms with attached baths
    Drawing with Dining (if possible)
    kitchen & Basement
    Open to the sky on the back (Ground floor)
    Car porch (Ground floor)

    First Floor

    3 bedrooms plus lounge and kitchen on the first floor looking
    forward to hearing from you with your rate details and services which u can provide.

    Note: I need the plan according to CDA requirements

  67. Hi i need drawing sketch 3d aur simple . Plot size 29/42 .i want grage + 1 drawing room + 2 bedroom + kitchen + attached bathrooms 3 stories . Main thing kitchen and stairs is one side grage side .

  68. Need house plan of plot size 40 front and back and 34 sides. Need 3 rooms 1 guest room attached baths lounge kitchen and garage.

  69. Hi Dear sir
    I need to build a house in 5 marla plot i have size 50 feer front and 29 feet to back so send me map please at my email

  70. Aslamo alikom. 5 marla k complete plan chain with 3d plan 24 ☓ 58 hai. Masrhriq magrib ar shomal ghr hain. Kitni payment daini ho gi

  71. AOA
    Sir ,
    Your designs are v.beautiful. specially i like design C AND D
    plzz provide me its front elevation.i’ll b v.thankful to u


  72. Everyone wants to have their own house Thanks for helping us in a good manner. I appreciate this effort.

  73. I have a house map of 5 marla plot. I want to get checked the map to know if there are flaws/mistake, or guidance in this regard.

  74. AoA, I want 5 m 25×45 plot size 2 story map with option if need separate entrance if needed for 2 families. top floor one bed bath, ground floor also need bath for guests use.
    Do you provide consultancy also for inspection of construction work.

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