MasterSeries 2009

MasterSeries 2009

MasterSeries is the UK’s leading range of integrated structural analysis, design, drafting and detailing software with over 10,000 users worldwide. Its power, versatility, user friendliness and excellent technical support make it the designers first choice.
Over the past three decades Civil and Structural Computer Services Limited has played a leading role in the development of integrated structural analysis, design, drafting and detailing software. In 1986, we were the first company to exhibit integrated analysis and design software to BS 5950.
The company policy of producing high quality engineering software backed by excellent technical support and continuous product development has resulted in an ever-expanding national and international customer base. Major updates are sent regularly to all our users as part of the software maintenance agreement.
Master Series for Windows conforms to a number of national and international Codes of Practice. It is widely used by Consulting Engineers, Councils, Steelwork Fabricators and Industrial and Educational organisations worldwide.
The company dedication to customer service and support has led to unwavering user commitment, borne out over the years by their commendation of the Master Series. Indeed, we are proud that many users have, of their own volition, demonstrated the Master Series to other engineering companies.
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MasterSeries 2009

Download Masterseries 2009 Part 1
Download Masterseries 2009 Part 2
Download Masterseries 2009 Part 3

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