Piping Handbook

Piping Handbook Piping Handbook ( Seventh Edition) By Mohinder L. Nayyar, MCGRAW-HILL Contents Part A: Piping Fundamentals Chapter A1. Introduction to Piping Mohinder L. Nayyar Chapter A2. Piping Components Ervin L. Geiger Chapter A3. Piping Materials James M. Tanzosh Chapter A4. Piping Continue reading Piping Handbook

Difference Between Stage and Depth

Difference Between Stage and Depth You don’t need to get confused between stage and depth of a stream or river. In this post we will clear you with the help of a diagram and definitions. Stage The stage is the Continue reading Difference Between Stage and Depth

What is a Rating Curve ?

What is a Rating Curve ? Rating Curve A rating curve is a plot of the stage of the water versus the flow that the stream had at that stage. An example of a rating curve is shown in the following Continue reading What is a Rating Curve ?

Liquid Storage Tanks

Liquid Storage Tanks Review of Code Provisions on Design Seismic Forces for Liquid Storage Tanks By Dr. O. R. Jaiswal, Dr. Durgesh C Rai, Dr. Sudhir K Jain   Abstract It is well recognized that liquid storage tanks possess low ductility and energy absorbing capacity Continue reading Liquid Storage Tanks